6th & 7th of August 2016
a little something
somewhere in the woods

the ritual

Life is a journey trough time and space.
It should be a connection with no displace.
We've got fire in our lungs and brightness in our souls.
We are many counting stars and living without goals.
random wiseman, 2016.

In the beginning of August we invite you to the first edition of Ritual Nomade Festival. A weekend of transcendent music, sublime food, marvellous people and anything else you'd ever dreamt of finding this side of the milky way. Feel free to pitch your tent on this magical green ground, which might easily be Western Germany's best kept beautiful hidden secret near cologne. Lose yourself and find yourself. Musical trip guides (some call them DJs) from all around the globe will take care of your auditive well-being and prepare you for the ancient rituals, for which there are no words in the common tongue to describe appropriately. We are you. You are we.


Matanza | Santiago | Chile Chancha Via Ciruito | Buenos Aires | Argentina Auntie Flo | GlasGoa | United Kingdom Kerala Dust | London | United Kingdom DJ Baru | Wuppertal | Germany Dreems | Somewhere | Planet Earth

Alma & Mater | Cologne | Germany on soundcloud Andrew Thompson | Glasgow / London | United Kingdom on soundcloud Dandara | Basel | World on soundcloud David Mears | Nizza | France on soundcloud Dübl & Nase | Cologne | Germany on soundcloud EXZ | Latin America | Planet Earth on soundcloud Janosch Marek | Mönchengladbach | Germany on soundcloud Johannes Klingebiel | Cologne | Germany on soundcloud Max Schmitt | Cologne | Germany on soundcloud Lotte Ahoi | Berlin | Germany on soundcloud Philipp Fein | Cologne | Germany on soundcloud Pigmalião | Somewhere | Planet Earth on soundcloud Vruno | Valparaiso | Chile on soundcloud Son Sun | Cologne | Germany on soundcloud Timboletti | Ruhrpott | Fermany on soundcloud Thomas Von Party | Montréal | Canada on soundcloud Tomasz Tabulalama & Mirka Miracle | Wuppertal | Germany on soundcloud

you should know

Your journey to the festival grounds via

Cologne Central Station, Germany.

You take the Train RB 25 (in direction "Meinerzhagen") to

Marienheide train station.

The train is regularly scheduled and departing every hour. For planning your trip, we recomend captaintrain.com or the website of Deutsche Bahn.

There will be an hourly bus shuttle (fee is included in the ticket price!), which picks you up at Marienheide train station and takes you straight to where the magic happens.


Arival, from Marienheide to Ritual on saturday, 6th of August

11 AM to 11 PM

First Shuttle goes 11:10AM, Train arrives 11:06AM at Marienheide

Departure, from Ritual to Marienheide on sunday, 7th of August

7 AM to 7 PM

Train in Marienheide departures 7:32 AM

Bring a tent or a cuddly companion - no, better bring both, or best: find the missing part during those days.

We will be offering different kinds of fresh, handmade and tasty vegetarian and vegan dishes. Don’t worry, we don’t want to fuck you over with sky-high-festival-prices. And as experienced nomads we also follow rule number 1: Never dehydrate - so water will be available free of charge.

Be Smart

Ticket sale has already started: Early bird (limited to 100) for 28€, regular price 35€. We highly recommend to check out our friends of Katzensprung Festival and to subscribe to our Newsletter

Order Your Tickets Here

Further more

We are guests at the home of some sublime folks, that let us be on their private space for our bunch of baloney. As we are guests that asked to bring some friends to the party, we kindly ask you to behave. (You don’t want to be the kid that everyone’s bitching about afterwards, do you?) So here is the deal:

We will be in the middle of nature and we pursue to celebrate a pleasant ritual for all involved. For us, this translates to, above all, anyone - human, plant and animal is treated with maximum respect at all times.

1. Please do not bring (too many) glass bottles - and if you feel to do so: Be careful and don’t break them.

2. Watch – and take care of – your garbage and bottles. There will be enough bins to keep the place nice and clean.

3. Please. So sincerely. PLEASE. Do not throw your smokes 'n butts on the floor. Never and nowhere. There will be a pocket ashtray for everyone and massive amounts of well-placed common ashtrays.

4. Open fires are strictly prohibited. For real. But as we love fire a lot as well, there will be a fire space. One for all and huge and stuff.

5. In case there is fenced-off space, do not trespass, this is because the residents consider this space private. Or there is a monster hiding.

After memorizing all the above by heart, you may now go on with your everyday life, in the full knowledge that at least one night this year, we are truly connected.

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